The Mind's I > Peace House, 2018

Dropping barriers, from walls to velvet ropes

I’m starting with a fundamental premise: everyone looks in mirrors, and everyone draws. We innately recognize and scrutinize our own reflections; and as soon as we can pick up a crayon, we make marks—we draw. Both these actions tend to be done privately. What happens if we do them together?

What happens when a range of artists, differing in discipline/media, philosophy, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, region, status—economic, art world, etc.—all draw together? What happens when the caliber is artistic, but not economic? What happens when the subject is self-scrutiny, and all that implies?

And if the result is a large archive of drawings holding work by these artists—can all of them step over the art-world velvet rope? Can this be a leveler? Can this work, as part of this inclusive archive, find a home in a major institution?