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Artists who participate in The Mind’s I are invited to contribute their drawings to The Mind’s I Archive. This collection now has over 800 drawings.

The donated work is documented, catalogued and stored. Exhibitions are curated from it. The complete archive will be donated to a museum or museums.

The Mind’s I Archive is an extended record of The Mind’s I project. It also functions both as a collection of unique drawings and as a single body of work – varied, complex, and powerful together. The Archive represents the conversation that is at the heart of The Mind’s I project.

The Archive holds work by a range of artists, differing in discipline, media, philosophy, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, region, status (economic, art world, etc.). This reflects a community and is part of building that community.

This project functions outside money. The work is not for sale. The caliber is artistic, not economic. The project is funded to break even.

The Archive is a leveler. All Mind’s I participants are included (unless they choose not to be). Their work is equally valued and equally respected. So, the entire Archive will go to relevant institutions. No ranking. No cherry picking. Everyone steps over the velvet rope together.

Participating Artists:

Candida Alarez
Joanne Aono
Kristine Aono
Claire Ashley
Joshua Aster
Jeanelle Augustin
Karen Azarnia
Carl Baratta
April Behnke
Jerry Bleem
Deborah Boardman
Larissa Borteh
Judith Brotman
Paola Cabal
Kristin Calabrese
Rebecca Campbell
Steven Carrelli
Spencer Carmona
Lilli Carré
Edmund Chia
HyeGyeong Choi
Kaylin Castillo
Yong Chu Son
Isabella Chydenius
Jan Christopher-Burkson
Sussanna Coffey
Jeane Cohen
Sarah Crow
Paula Crown
Paul D’Amato
Perry Danis
Dana Degiulio
Katherine Desjardins
Josh Dihle
Susanne Doremus
Lana Duong
Assaf Effram
Jonny Elder
Tom Fath
Bob Faust
Georgie Flood
Sarajo Frieden
Judith Geichman
Matthew Girson
Alfonso Gonzalez Jr.
Michelle Grabner
Chris Grieshaber
Magalie Guerin
Danny Guiles
Carrie Gundersdorf
Dann Gunn
Nasim Hantehzadeh
Philip Hartigan
Anne Harris
Nancy Hejna
Riely Henderson
Tom Herzberg
Fatimah Hijjawi
Lindsey Hook
Steve Husby
Seth Hunter
Richard Hyde
Heesu Jeon
James Kao
Dara Kenny
Katie Kimmel
Katie Kirk
Anna Kunz
Jason Lazarus
Eric Lebofsky
Louise LeBourgeois
Jin Lee
Riva Lehrer
George Liebert
Jim Lutes
Lindsey Lyons
Michael Mancari
Ignacio Manrique
Aubrey Manson
Norbert Marszalek
Grace Mattingly
Bobbi Meier
Angelica Mesiti
John Metido
Dustin Metz
Jeffly Gabriela Molina
Solomon Salim Moore
Judith Mullen
Aya Nakamura
Kelly Neibert
Simphiwe Ndzube
Garry Noland
Dakota Noot
Betsy Odom
Sabina Ott
Lydia Pfeffer
Tony Philips
Melissa Pinney
Kim Piotrrowski
Hayley Quentin
Patrick "Q" Quilao
Dylan Rabe
Judith Raphael
Celeste Rapone
Darrell Roberts
Mario Romano
Matthew Rosenquist
Allison Ruttan
Jonathan Ryan
Ari Salka
Melody Sraniti
Daniel Schmidt
Lara Schoorl
Daniel Schubert
Julia Schwartz
Kira Shewfelt
Ana Segovia
Yongxuan Shao
Viki Siliunas
Camille Silverman
Jenn Smith
Edra Soto
Susan Stephenson
Kevin Stuart
Jay Stuckey
Matthew Sweesy
Jennifer Taylor
Chris Toepfer
Keith Tolch
Paige Turner-Uribe
Michael Van Zeal
Maria Vergara
Sophia Vigne
Allison Wade
Erin Washington
Michelle Watson
Lena Wolek
Jay Wolke
Caleb Yono
Aziz Yonuss
Hiejin Yoo
Gwendolyn Zabicki
Mary Lou Zelazny