Anne Harris Paintings and Drawings
ArchiveJulius Caesar, 2012Trinity High School, 2014Memphis College of Art, 2015University of Central Missouri, 2016Elder Gallery, Nebraska Wesleyan University, 2016The Fell Gallery, 2016Maine East Township, 2016Ed Paschke Art Center, 2017Dalton Warehouse, 2017Peace House, 2018
The Mind's I
"….we no longer know which sees and which is seen" --Merleau-Ponty.

This is a collaborative drawing project meant to generate questions and conversation about perception, self-perception and drawing, to grapple with the fact that perception is a product of the mind, and that drawing is fundamentally tied to perception.

The project:

I draw in the gallery, looking in a mirror, and invite other artists to join me and do the same. I provide the paper (all the same size, around 11x 10” or so), and some simple drawing materials. They can bring their own materials if they wish, and make as many drawings as they wish. I ask each artist to draw for at least one session with me (3 hrs), but they can draw longer or come more than once if they wish. When the drawings are done, the artist signs them, dates them with the day and time, and hangs them up.

The only limitation (besides the size of the paper) is that the experience be unmediated by technology--that is, no drawing from photographs, from a computer screen, etc.

The result:

The drawings "converse" amongst each other on the wall, while the artists converse amongst each other as they draw. In the end, the walls of the gallery are filled with a knock out body of diverse drawings that challenge and expand the issues at hand.

The point:

The meaning of the work unfolds through the power of the individual drawings and through the infinite number of complex comparisons that are possible. Some intriguing questions are raised: How do different artists deal with self-perception, self-scrutiny, self-invention? What does it means to perceive—to look, to stare? What is the relationship between self-reflection, self-expression and self-representation, between seeing and perceiving, internal feeling and external appearance? What is the difference between vanity and self-consciousness? How does drawing connect to and enhance perception?

The next step:

With the artists’ permission, the drawings have been archived. This will be the first iteration of an expanding project.

This project installation took place at Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago, November 9 through December 9, 2012.

Participating artists: Candida Alvarez, Joanne Aono, Claire Ashley, Karen Azarnia, April Behnke, Jerry Bleem, Deborah Boardman, Steven Carrelli, Edmund Chia, Paula Crown, Paul D’Amato, Dana DeGiulio, Katherine Desjardins, Josh Dihle, Susanne Doremus, Judith Geichman, Michelle Grabner, Danny Guiles, Carrie Gundersdorf, Nancy Hejna, Lindsey Hook, James Kao, Jason Lazarus, Eric Lebofsky, Louise LeBourgeois, Jin Lee, Riva Lehrer, Jim Lutes, Betsy Odom, Sabina Ott, Kim Piotrowski, Mario Romano, Viki Siliunas, Jennifer Taylor, Chris Toepfer, Elizabeth Tjepkema, Maria Vergara, Jay Wolke, and Caleb Yono.